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Law enforcement making more arrests than ever before

In recent years, the number of arrests made by law enforcement has been surprising to say the least. In the United States, there are now more than 10.5 million arrests being made each year. When that is broken down, it correlates to an arrest every three seconds.

Most of the arrests fall into the category of noncriminal behavior, such as drug violations and low-level offenses. But it is drug offenses that are driving the number of arrests way up. In the last 40 years, there has been a 170 percent increase in the amount of arrests pertaining to drugs. On top of these staggering number of arrests, there are still many victims of crime who do not report their incident and only a small amount of crimes that are reported get solved.

Minor crime arrests replacing major crime arrests

While the amount of drug related crimes has increased dramatically over the years, the amount of major crime arrests has gone way down. These major crimes are being replaced with infractions ranging from disorderly conduct, local ordinance violations, non-traffic offenses and child support issues. When all the different types of arrests are added up, minor offenses now make up 80 percent of all arrests where serious and violent offenses only make up 5 percent of arrests.

Are more arrests good or bad for society?

With all this new data about arrests, does it provide any information if all these arrests are good or bad for society? Since police data and court data have not been integrated to show how many of these arrests were prosecuted, it is hard to conclude.

Hiring an attorney is more important than ever

With high numbers of arrests going on throughout the country, it is important that you have a defense attorney on your side. An attorney will be on your side to make sure evidence has been gathered correctly, witnesses are credible and that you are not imposed with and excessive sentence if there is a conviction.

Even if your arrest was for a small crime, it is important to have the expertise of a defense attorney representing you. Legal knowledge on aspects such as court proceedings, bail, DUI/drug cases and plea bargaining can be of great benefit to you.

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