Three Steps To Take After A Vehicle Collision

A vehicle collision is a scary experience for anyone who has to go through it. Many drivers do not realize the impact their actions can have on a personal injury claim. Here are three steps you should always take after a car wreck:

1. Keep track of medical treatments.

If anyone is injured during the collision, medical attention should always be your first priority. Call an ambulance to the scene. If you are able, log the dates and times you were in the hospital and keep any notes or record of the treatment you received. Write down anything you can about your pain and inability to perform certain tasks as you recover.

If you seem unharmed, you should still see a doctor within a week of the incident. Many vehicle collision injuries do not show up for a few days, even if they are serious. Keep all doctor's notes about your visit and log information about how any injuries have affected your daily life.

2. Create records of the collision.

No matter how minor the damages seem, you should call the police after a vehicle collision. They will file a report, which creates a permanent written record of when and where the accident occurred.

You should also take numerous photos of your vehicle and any visible injuries on your body. Tangible records of the collision are very helpful when filing a claim.

3. Talk to a lawyer before making a statement to your insurer.

You are obligated to tell your insurance company that you have been in a vehicle collision. Do not make any statements about how it happened or what condition you think you are in. The most common mistake we see is drivers engaging with their insurer before asking an attorney for legal advice. This could ruin your case and land you with a far lower settlement than you deserve. We know insurance companies' tactics and we can work for the full compensation you need to recover.

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