Litigation Should Not Be Rushed

Most people do not want to go through the court process. It can seem tedious, stressful and time-consuming. It is important not to rush through legal issues though. You may want a quick resolution, but you are hurting yourself and missing out on the benefits you deserve by doing this.

That is one reason you need to look for a skilled attorney who understands what you are going through. At D. E. "Skip" Brutkiewicz, Jr., LLC, we seek to resolve cases before they reach the courtroom but we are experienced litigators who know how to fight for the highest possible award in court too.


Skilled Litigators For Any Issue

We have been to trial hundreds of times. We know the ins and outs of the court process, and we speak from experience when we stress the importance of not rushing to a quick settlement. Litigating on your behalf is what we do. Let us investigate your case, analyze the outcome you deserve and devise a strategy to get there.

We have experience and knowledge of both commercial litigation and personal litigation. We have handled business disputes for large companies and we have helped individuals with a variety of legal issues, including cases against large entities such as the IRS. With over four decades litigating in Alabama, we can help you with any issue.

Ask A Lawyer About Your Case Today

Do not hesitate to contact a Mobile litigation attorney if you are facing legal problems. We offer free initial consultations. You can reach us online or by calling 251-472-9552. We serve clients in Mobile County and Baldwin County.